The Location

The project is located on Prince Saud bin Mohammed bin Muqrin Rd. in Hittin district with direct access from major surrounding highways, which is considered one of the most lavish and luxurious new neighborhoods of Riyadh, where the project serves around 5,000 residential units of high-income households.

The Concept

The Shorofat Park concept was inspired by the need of having a livable and human place that allows people to live, shop, work and entertain in one place in an exciting and vibrant setting. The design of these projects in providing an outdoor space to eat, drink, meet and enjoy time, with amazing collection of restaurants, cafes, retailers, spas, and galleries. The name Shorofat comes from the Arabic word that means "Terraces", where all restaurants have spacious terraces to give its customers an amazing view from the top into luscious landscaping and walkways. All restaurants are provided with service corridors from the basement level or from street level away from customers traffic, and are pre-licensed by the municipality as restaurants which will smooth each tenant's in obtaining its operational permit

The Features

The project is located on a 11,000 m2 land, and consist of 8 restaurants, 6 shops, and 6 studio offices where each office have two floors with high exposed ceiling and industrial loft design. It also has a gallery for events and art fairs. In addition to the basement parking and service corridors for restaurants with a parking capacity of 250 car slots. It also provides amazing outdoor spaces to sit and walk and enjoy the luscious landscape around the project

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